Pocket Dream

Super luxurious filling of wool+silk on a cotton viscose fabric.1000 count
pocket spring, hand tufted, flag stitched handles and air vents.


Natural Latex
ultra soft velvet touch fabric
Heat treated foam encapsulated pocket spring unit
Micro quilted
Hypo Allergenic.

A Luxurious micro quilted top containing natural LatexFoam Encapsulated Pocket for instant luxury and support. Upholstered in luxurious velvet feel fabric, the bed is upholstered in the same matching fabric so to maximize the feel of the fabulous fillings. Superior fillings provide the ultimate in comfort and support for an amazing night’s sleep


1000 count pocket, non tufted, memory foam, air flow system,cream panel.

Spring Blossom

1000 count pocket unit, layers of memory foam,fragrance, wool tufts, black and White air flow system.

Welcome to HealthiPosture
You’ve probably never seen beds like this before because no one has ever thought of it this way about a bed before. The new HealthiPosture beds reflects a vision that defies preconceptions and transforms the idea of luxury. It is the most luxurious and confident interpretation yet of our superb new design. The innovative design on each model exceeds all expectations.
Some beds are built. Some are engineered. HealthiPosture is "created". A rare blend of art, comfort and beauty, a HealthiPosture bed is probably one of the most luxurious, comfortable and advanced beds ever made.

Luxury Supreme

Luxury damask material, hand tufted, pocket spring unit, flag stitched handles and air vents.


Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses offer superior comfort, in a range of support levels to suit your needs. Individually responsive to your movements as you sleep, each individual pocket spring works independently to offer personalised support where you need it most.